Colin Perini is a world-renowned Australian artist. The Colin Perini Gallery is in the popular tourist town of Mogo, close to Batemans Bay, NSW. He paints seascapes with a passion for peace and beauty. This stands out as the theme in all of his work. He has exhibited in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and New York Galleries. He has sold over 3500 paintings, seascapes and landscapes, and his work hangs in over 26 countries. Colin has worked full-time as an artist for over 35 years. Prior to painting seascapes and landscapes, he worked as a quick portrait artist for 16 years. You can still get a (beautiful) cartoon portrait from Colin at the Gallery.

Landscape art

Colin Perini Gallery, ClockTower Arcade, Mogo NSW Australia


Art available now – Updated 5 July 2015

1800 x 600mm – Acrylic on Canvas – $950

Perfect size for across the top of your bed, along the sideboard or above your TV.

I only Need Love– There is no end of things that can be collected and accumulated in this world. There are endless treasures that people seek and lust after. No amount of money will ever make me satisfied. My heart is a deep, deep river that can satisfy my every need, but only if I stop chasing shiny toys. This world offers constant distractions from my heart. I only need love because it comes from the heart. This is where all things of true value arise.

The Heart is True– What do you want? What do you really want? Ask your heart, the heart is true. Don’t ask your ego, your emotional, selfish self, ask your heart. The heart will guide you true on a path that is perfectly suited to you. It is not the common path, it is not a path that has been trodden before, it is yours and yours alone. The heart is true, listen to it.

My heart smiles – Life is an emotional roller coaster. There are unpredictable turns and unexpected twists. Life is a rocky road with many surprises. It rises up and over hills and sometimes drops through dark valleys. But the sun always shines, even if its behind the clouds or on the other side of the world. It never stops its radiance pouring down to nourish life on earth. Your heart is like that. It smiles, regardless of the situation you are experiencing. Regardless of your own doubts and dreads, your heart smiles. Whenever in doubt, slow down, sit quietly and let its smile warm your troubles away.


1200 x 900mm – Acrylic on Canvas – $850


My Summer Dreams – No matter how dark the storm that passes over my head or how grim the moment seems, I always have my summer dreams. I remember the happy times with those I love and I look forward to more to come. I know that the sun will always shine brightly again, these are my summer dreams. My heart is my friend and will always tend me towards the fulfillment of my summer dreams.

Way to my Heart – The way to my heart is simple. Sit still and listen to my intuition. The way to my heart is always open but I choose to ignore it by focusing too much on the outside world and all of its superficial distractions. The way to my heart is the way to hear my intuition, that reliable and soft guidance system that is a forgotten part of myself. I need to remember the simple way to my heart more often so that I can remember what I am.

Cosy Heart – It’s never cold inside. You are never alone in this harsh and unpredictable world. There is always a place in your heart where you can rest and refresh before you turn back out and face your world again. Your cosy inner world is your point of zero, your reference point, your point of sanity. Your cosy heart is the centre of your existence, the heart of your life. Whenever you are in doubt, turn to your heart and ask your intuition for guidance. It’s you anyway, so it’s not going to deny you!


1800 x 900mm – Acrylic on Canvas – $1375

Follow the unexpected – Follow the unexpected, the surprising, the unknown. The same old will always lead to the same old. Routine kills imagination. Let go sometimes and head in a direction untried. Be brave and follow a track that is not proven or guaranteed. Follow the unexpected and enjoy the thrill of adventure.


Delights in my life – Hurry causes blindness. Rushing here and there with music blaring and city noises swamping you, causes deafness. Your life is immersed in wonder but unless you take the time to appreciate what you already have, you will never know about it. There is an uncountable number of delights in your life. There are sunsets and skies, hills and mountains. There is love and happiness, laughter and joy. There is colour and sparkle, thrills and surprises. All of these things surround you, but only if you are not lost in the din of a frantic mind.


Pastel Brilliance – The clarity of honesty and truth outshines the most colourful and glitzy lie. This world is full of dark alleyways with misleading directions, written by corporations and institutions that would take away your freedom. Your own heart is a pastel brilliance, a simple elegance that cuts through the tangled and twisted deceits that surround society. Your own intuition is the simple answer to a complicated world. Ask your own pastel brilliance about it.