1800 x 900mm – AUD $1200

Fine art – Low prices

All of Colin’s work is now available for viewing 7 days a week at the

Urban Paradise Gallery – Cnr Elkhorn and Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise

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Art Available – updated 15 Oct 2016

Road to my heart – There is a simple road to my heart but I often forget about it. Instead I choose to take the track littered with obstacles and limitations. I choose to listen to the wild meanderings of my undisciplined ego, instead of to the sweet sound of my own intuition. How odd that I should repeatedly and unnecessarily make my life more difficult. I must take the time for quietness and listen to my heart more often. The road to my heart is a path of peace. It’s easy to find but first, I must be at peace to find it. This is the path I desire to follow. It’s a simple matter of choice. It’s a simple road to my heart.

Lost in the heart – Life is often noisy, competitive and demanding. It doesn’t have to be. Only the head leads you into uncomfortable situations. There is always a simple alternative. You can trust own your own intuition. You can get lost in the heart. That’s where you belong.